We offer a wide range of administrative services including financial reporting to provide a monthly financial snapshot of your business. We offer regular reminders and automatic remittance payments to ensure you never have to worry about missing a payment and avoid unnecessary penalties or interest. We can assist in bank loan applications, Canada Revenue Agency information requests and audits, as well as cashflow analysis to help you plan for the future. We want to ensure our clients understand their business and we can ensure you have reliable financial information in a timely manner. We can provide the necessary financial reporting your business needs for year end, we can provide your accountant with financial information for tax preparation or financial statement preparation. We do not prepare financial statements or personal tax returns.

  1. Bill Payments – if you don’t have time for bank lineups or assistance with setting up online banking processes.
  2. Statement Generation – to keep your clients up to date on their account balance.
  3. Reminders & Automatic Payment Processing
  4. Bank Loan Application Information
  5. Canada Revenue Agency – information, inquiries, and audits
  6. Financial Reporting – for accountant, year end preparation, or financial institution lending requirements.
  7. Year End Preparation Services