We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services including bank reconciliations, tracking payables and receivables, payroll processing and HR services, sales tax remittances, WorkSafe BC remittance, and injury reporting. We strive to find ways to streamline your business data to ensure we can access and process your information as efficiently as possible.

  1. Bank Reconciliation – including transaction downloads from your online banking for bank and credit card transaction detail.
  2. Payables & Receivables tracking
  3. Payroll Process & HR services – Including online direct deposit to simplify paying your employees and remittance payments. WorkSafe BC remittance and injury reporting, ROEs, T4s, T4As and T5018s for Subcontractors.
  4. Sales Tax Remittance & Payments – Including GST, PST, EHT and out of province sales tax registration and remittances necessary for online sales platforms.